Looking for a great photographer for communion

and spring ceremony pictures? 

Communion and Spring Ceremony! 

It is that time of the year again !

Your child is wearing a great outfit and is ready to party. Yeah !!

Marie 7.jpg
Marie 9.jpg
Marie 8.jpg

Happy Time!

Marie 6.jpg
Marie 10 (1).jpg
Marie 2.jpg
Marie 3c.jpg
Marie 5.jpg
Marie 4.jpg
Junot 1a.jpg
Junot scream.jpg
Junot 5.jpg
Junot 4.jpg

Fun Time!

Junot 9.jpg
Communie Junot.jpg
Junot 3.jpg
Junot 6 IbMP 2.jpg


We are always at your disposal if you are looking for a great picture to personalise an invitation and/or thank-you card.

Whether you choose to have the shots in the outside or in our studio, it takes approximately one hour to make great photographs.

Price: 150€

You will receive: 

- a 60-minutes shoot

- editing and styling of the images

- an online gallery

- 5 images in high resolution

The Party!

We can also, if you wish of course, shoot the entire party!

Our photos will tell the story of the day and this whilst taking utmost care for details and spontaneity.

Let us take a look at how you envisage the day and we will make you a customised offer!