How to get acquainted?

When you chose a photographer, you will, in the first place, base your choice on her/his photographs. But there should also be a “bond” with your photographer because the more you feel at ease, the prettier and more spontaneous the photographs will be.

We will, during the introduction talks, check whether we do “bond”.

Who are you ? What exactly is it you want ? What are your expectations ?

You will then better understand my enthusiasm and I will explain how I work and how I will be thinking together with you.

This introduction talk is quite natural when talking about a wedding, but I make sure we have a short but thorough discussion for any other shoots as well

What is the best moment moment to book our services? How long on beforehand?

I have a very busy agenda so …. booking early enough is the right thing to do. Do you want to book a photo session which has a deadline (such as holy communion, pregnancy, wedding …), then book as soon as you have the date(s).

But rest assured …. there are always some openings in my agenda …. So, together we will surely find the right moment/time.

Do you also work at weekends, vacations and/orholidays?

Of course !! I adapt very easily and those are also the moments during which you can free up yourself a lot easier. Everything is possible, so just propose your date(s) and we will figure out what is possible.

Can we book a photo session for a large group?

A large group of friends, family or colleagues …… what a marvellous idea ! And yes, this is, of course, possible. To do that, we’d better meet in order to make tangible agreements. What are your expectations ? Do you already have something in mind ? Does your preference go to “fun photographs” or to the more business type of photographs ?

I have another idea and/or proposal but it is not mentioned on your website?

Absolutely no problem. It is great to have your own ideas.

Location, type of photos, budget …. Everything can be discussed. Don’t hesitate to contact us !

I‘m looking for a piece of art . Can you help me?

We sell different art photos. You will find some of them under the FINE ART section. Feel free to contact us for any information. We can settle an appointment so you can have a look and admire the art pieces!

Where do you do your shoots? How to choose the location?

Everything is possible and everything can be discussed. Together we will find the correct location for your photo-shoot.

Somewhere outside, at your place, at my place, in the workshop …. where we will finally shoot the photographs depends of your wishes. Whether you prefer your own environment or else have some shots in the forest, let us look at this together !

In which region do you work?

Our studio is situated in Wespelaar, pretty central in Belgium. Everything is close by but all option can be discussed, i.e. we will, with great pleasure, go to whatever part of the country you wish. Do you want to work with us abroad. No problem, just tell us and together we will find out what is possible.

What happens when the weather is bad?

I am not afraid of the weather, every season has its possibilities and charms.

If the weather turns out to be too bad then we can always, again together, decide to postpone the shooting. If, however, a shooting can not be postponed, then we will always find an alternative.

Is there a possibility to get gift vouchers?

Yes, a photo shoot as a gift is a tremendous gift ! Just contact us for more information, then we will determine together the value of your gift voucher.

I have never posed for a photo shoot, is that a problem?

Of course not. Photography is something beautiful in its purest form. All you need to do is “to be yourself” and we will assist you during the shoot but you will soon see that it all goes without saying.

Which clothing must we wear during the shooting session? What do we need to bring with us?

This is different for each photo shooting session. We will discuss this in detail before the shooting.

Are the pictures you take in colour or in black&white?

I assume you already had a look at my portfolio and that you have therefore noticed that I work in both black&white and colours. I make the choice depending on the situation and the atmosphere but if you would have a specific preference, just let me know.

What is your delivery time?

Quality is of the essence and I do pay a lot of attention to the selection and editing of photographs. I always agree with you on the delivery time and I stick to the agreed timing.

Do we get all the photos made during a session?

After every session, I select the best pictures and edit them according to my own style. Less is more !

I prefer to have some unique photographic quality than hundreds of photographs that have been taken a fraction of a second apart and on which you do not look good at all.

We agree on beforehand how many photos you may expect.

Will we receive the photos with a watermark, in high or low resolution?

We always agree on this at the moment the booking is made. It goes without saying that both the formula that you chose as well the number of photos that you want, are relevant.

If you would like to use the photos on the internet and/or social media, we always ask that you then use the ones with the watermark and we also ask not to edit and cut the photographs yourself.

How will we get our photographs?

You will receive the digital photographs via WETransfer.

You can fetch prints in our workshop.

Can I print photos myself or can also order afterwards?

At the moment of order, you will chose for a specific formula with which you will know the amount of high resolution photographs. You can then either print them yourself or have them printed. When you have them printed in certain online shops or cheaper labs, it can happen that the quality differs/deviates from the original. This has nothing to do with the quality of the photo’s but with the fact that some of these labs perform some more editing and/or additional changes.

You can have your photos printed via me or you can also have them fitted on different materials. For this purpose, I work together with a professional lab in order to be able to offer the best quality. The prices are higher but they are known upfront.

Will you publish our photos on your website or online?

My portfolio is my business card. There is a great chance that you have contacted me after having seen my portfolio. I try to renew my portfolio regularly by showing recent photographs but it goes without saying that this cannot be done without you. Therefore I always ask, when placing the order, if I may use your photos on my website and this for promotion purpose only.

If you prefer not to do so, no problem at all, then I will take your request into account.

Do you work with a cash advance?

To confirm our deal, we always work with a cash advance for all orders of 50%. For wedding-shoots we always work with a cash advance of 30%. As soon as the advance is payed, the booking is confirmed.

On our side, we reserve time for you and design a photo shoot for you so that we are both sure of our common agreement.

Can we postpone or cancel a photo shoot session if we are forced by circumstances?

There can always be a good reason why a shooting session can not happen at the agreed time. The best is then to postpone it. This can be done once without additional cost except for a wedding. You have to request the postponement 7 days in advance at the latest and together we will look for a new date.

If a session is cancelled, then I charge the advance-fee.

Would a wedding be moved to another date and this new date still fits my agenda, then the made agreement still stands.

We still have some questions which are not answered in this section. What can we do?

Please do contact us, we will gladly answer all of your questions

Some frequently asked questions answered?