Looking for authentic and captivating portraits?

I'm your portrait photographer!

Portrait shoot: Kids, Adults, Family

Kids tend to be spontaneous, honest and pure!

They are a beautiful thing to capture on a photograph. If you want to get your small or less small wonder(s) in front of the camera, that also is possible.

We look how we can do this best, i.e. during an activity, on location, at your home, in the workshop! The most important thing is that the photograph will “talk” , that it emanates authenticity and that it tells who your angel(s) is(are).

Do you want to immortalize your family? Let us find out together how we can achieve this at best. We will look for a nice location.  Whether it will be at your place or somewhere else, off we go!

Do you need some striking images for profiles on social media, for your Curriculum Vitae or just for your living room at home?  Would you love to put your favorite activity in the spotlight ? Everything is possible

Mini Portrait shoot


Price:  85€

You will receive: 

- a 30 minutes- shoot

- editing and styling of the images

- at least 2 images in high resolution

Basic Portrait shoot

Price:  150€

You will receive: 

- a 60 minutes- shoot

- editing and styling of the images

- an online album

- 5 images in high resolution

A beautiful round belly ! This is, without any doubt, one of the most important moments in your life. We would love to capture this for you in a beautiful image story.  From a small to a large, round belly,

Beautiful Belly- Shoot

Price 1 session:    190€

Price 2 sessions: 320€

Price 3 sessions: 450€

You will receive: 

- during every session a shoot of 60-90 minutes

- editing and styling of the images

- an online gallery

- +- 7 images in high resolution for every session

- 40 km included

Newborn - Shoot

And finally, the little wonder is born.  The first 14 days are the perfect moment for a photo shoot of your baby. Is he already older?  No problem, we will gladly make some beautiful photographs too. We can either do this at your home or at my workshop. We will, wherever you chose to do it, always create a quiet moment and will take sufficient time to do it.

Price: 250€

You will receive: 

- at least a 2-hour shoot

- editing and styling of the images

- an online gallery

- 8 images in high resolution

- 50 km included

Each portrait is captivating.  It is intriguing and it invites you to get to know the story of someone else. Everybody is beautiful ! Everybody has a story to tell!

Would you like to have some portraits of yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us.